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Re: Brand new Alienware m15 temperature 100C! thermal thrott

open the supportassist app from dell and click on get support, you will see the contact options give them a call and choose tech support, they are going to ask you for your express service code it will be right there under the number you dialed, the tech is going to ask you to reboot your laptop and press F12 several time to get to the boot option list and select diagnostic (I'm pretty sure the diagnostic tool will tell you that all pass) the you will reboot open the supportassist again and he will connect remotely to you pc to run some stress test if is overheating he is going to create a dispatch order to replace your heat sink and fans.

by the way I was playing battlefield V and is overheating again, I limited the frame rate to 60 and the temperature is good soooo there is no point to get the 144hz screen if the laptop can't go over 60 frames without overheating. 

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