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17R4 SSD and PCH overheating

Hi all, I bought my 17 R4 7820hk+GTX1080 model about 8 months ago. It’s a powerful machine I know. But recently I’m facing more and more BSODs and system freezings and crashes. I investigated this issue by myself and found that the reason could be both the PCH chip and SSD. First, the problem with SSD. It idles at about 70c and if I launch a game either stored in SSD or HHD the temp climbs quickly to 80c, at which the system begins freezing and crashing. It’s an SK Hynix NVMe 256GB. Second, the PCH chip. When idling, its temperature is never below 60C, goes up to 91.5C after about 10 mins of gameplay, causing the CPU speed throttles to 800MHZ, which leads to FPS dropping hugely from 100+ to 20ish. I saw a lot of posts about this and many methods to fix that, I’ll try them myself. So, my question is should I get the SSD replaced by dell or should I just skip the replacement process and go buy myself a brand new, better quality one? I have some pics as proof. I’ll post them if needed.
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