Re: Alienware 17 R4 Heat Issues

@skeemin wrote:

I have the same problem.  I bought the top of the line R4 and can't play games with the laptop on my lap due to the excessive heat.  Are you saying that a $5k laptop is designed to get too hot to place on my lap when playing games even at lower than optimal settings?

Let me get this straight...

your going to complain... that the laptop is to hot on your lap??

....really?? ok, #1 you NEVER put a laptop on your lap to game. It needs to be on a flat surface and this has been the normal sense Laptop gpu's started way back when. Doesn't matter the manufacturer. They are NOT designed to be played ON your LAP.

You WILL suffor burns from heat exposure.

So.. in Short.. YES... a $5,000 laptop will burn the **bleep** out of your lap if your using it ON YOUR LAP.

Because, they are designed to be used.. on a FLAT Surface, like a TABLE. This unit is NOT a PC you can use on your LAP. They are LABLED... DESK-TOP REPLACEMENT Laptops....

... I wonder if this guy is serious.. or just trolling.. Hopefully.. neither.

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