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Re: Never again will I buy Alienware/dell products

This is interesting because I bought the Alienware 17R4 and my motherboard literally short circuited.  I bought it last year in May.  So not  even 2 years old.  I went with the 1 year warranty on it and didn't have the extra $300 to extend it when it ran out.  I figured since it had been running well for a year I was in the clear, and I literally babied the machine kept it cool, never left it plugged in overnight, never left it on if I wasn't using it.  But sure enough I woke up one morning and It wouldn't turn on.  I think it's a pretty common problem with DELL laptops in general.  I have a thread open but I don't think DELL is earnestly going to help me out with it.  It's unfortunate to spend that kind of money just to end up getting duped by a faulty product.  The only other option is to get nickel and dimed with expensive extended warranties because you know it's going to break.

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