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Alienware 17 r5 Bluetooth failure

Hi all,

First time dell/alienware (had it 12 days) user here. Overall I am very impressed with my laptop, except for the persistent failure of the Bluetooth device. 

The Bluetooth on the laptop will frequently fail, with the following results

  1. Device manager claims all Bluetooth Devices are disconnected
  2. Device manager believes I have a new and unidentifiable USB device
  3. Windows removes the option to turn Bluetooth on or off, claiming my device doesn't have a Bluetooth adaptor
  4. Event Viewer raises the following error 'The Bluetooth driver expected an HCI event with a certain size but did not receive it.'

I consider myself to be reasonably competent, being an IT professional. I have tried the following

  1. Altered all the power settings
    1. ensuring the laptop doesn't go to sleep when idle
    2. ensuring USB are not deactivated to save power

The bit that concerns me the most is this happens during use. Bluetooth cuts out, all Bluetooth devices stop working and it normally requires me to completely remove all traces of the Bluetooth drivers and restart the Laptop several times before windows picks up the Bluetooth adaptor once more.

I have raised a ticket with dell, but I am curious if other users have experienced similar issues and if they did how was your problem resolved?

Many thanks,


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