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Re: Alienware 17 R3 i7-6700 Mouse / Wireless Mouse not Worki



Yes I have tried both the wireless mouse and a corded mouse on my Alienware, and it does not work.  Also, both mice work on other laptops.  I meant wireless mouse (not blue tooth) in my posting.  When the corded or wireless mouse is connected to the Alienware, it is as if nothing is there as it does not pick up the mouse(s) at all.  I have removed the dongle, checked the batteries, etc.  I have tried three wireless mouse(s) and one corded, and each of these work on other laptops, but not on the aleinware.  It's bizarre because my alienware has been reset many times and this has never happened until beginning of December. 


Also, in device manger, under mouse (mice), I can only see the touchpad.  In other words, there is no option for a mouse, and all the drivers have been updated to the latest specs.  Could this be the WiFi card needs to be replaced? Or some hardware may need to get replaced?

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