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Alienware 15 R3 startup issues (maybe OS?)

So my laptop seems to start up just fine initially. It’ll go through the normal Alienware screen and get to the windows log in area. Facial recognition signs me in and normally it would take me to my desktop. With all my icons and background and what not. Instead it shows me a black screen and at the bottom the windows 10 bar (with the windows menu icon and the clock) sits there and flashes on and off(doesn’t have any of my personal icons there just the menu icons in the bottom left and the clock in the bottom right) . Won’t let me select anything and I can’t access internet or any files. Keyboard still works as I can press Ctrl+Alt+Dlt and turn off my laptop. Suggestions as to a fix? Read some troubleshoot articles and ran a diagnostic, found out there are no hardware problems so that’s why I assume it’s a problem with the Windows 10 OS. 

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