17 R5, AWCC doesn't work

So I have the latest Windows 10 updates (1809), the latest Dell and Alienware drivers for everything, latest graphics drivers, latest BIOS...

However, the AWCC (Alienware Command Center) seems to break after an update yesterday (not sure what version it was) and the AlienFX entirely doesn't load or work, all the lights on laptop stuck on light blue. Essentially, the following happens:

AWCC only loads the Library and Fusion tabs

The Fusion tab sits in a "loading" state forever and if you click on the Temperature or the Power buttons, AWCC entirely crashes with no error message or popup

The keyboard and all side lights load up but I cannot change or enable/disable them, even with keyboard buttons. It stays permanently on light blue.

Tried to install all versions from Dell's AWCC driver website, nothing helps. Think it is not a hardware fault because through installation the lights changes in rainbow for a few seconds.

Waiting for help, have no more strength trying to fix this issue... 😥

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