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Liquid metal cooling covering motherboard...

Right, so about 8 months ago i purchased an Alienware R4 17 laptop from a guy on eBay. Listed as a hardly used product with very little done to the machine. All this was right Smiley Happy got myself a powerful machine for a decent price, little over a week now was just doing some light gaming at work, switch off my laptop and put it into my laptop bag. Later went home and the machine wouldn't power on but instead flashed a code of ( red, red, blue) after searching online i found it was CPU failure. Not knowing what to do, i took it to my local PC shop so i could have the issue checked up and maybe resolved. Turns out the previous owner had used liquid metal as a cooling inside the laptop (guy said it was gallium) and it had leaked up and ran across my motherboard, connecting most components together just ruining the motherboard. The technician said he tried to clean it with rubbing alcohol with little luck, the machine still continues to beep the code :/ not sure what to do really, is the machine trashed and needs getting rid of? Or will it cost a bunch getting new parts?

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