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Re: Uneven CPU core temperatures on M15


Hi Eimy. 

I had the heatsink off just checking things and used some different thermal material when I put it back together.

My overall temperatures seem to have improved a little bit further, and when gaming, the cores are within maybe 5-6°c of each other. One particular core is always the hottest and one always the coolest heh. The temperature difference has always been greatest when the laptop was reaching over 85°c. It could just be that as it's running a bit cooler now the difference isn't as apparent.

I'll see how I get on with the for the time being.

One thing I did notice is that when I took the heatsink off, the fan nearest the GPU had a tiny bit of fluid on it that had transferred to the black area of the inside of the laptop. The part of the fan that has the label on (so the side that is essentially faced down when you are looking at it with the back of the laptop off) had a very fine film of some kind of liquid. 

I had noticed this when I did a repaste previously. Or rather, I'd noticed a tiny spot that had been left on the laptop after I had removed the heatsink. I'd cleaned it off there, but I don't remember checking the fan itself and drying that out, so I guess it's something that may just have been on the fan?

Again, I'll keep a close eye (or should that be ear?) on the fan to make sure it's performing as it should.

So as mentioned, for the time being I'll see how I get on over the next month or so and then take it from there.


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