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15 R2, stops charging under load and games crash


Laptop specs:

i7-6820HK @ 2.70GHz
8GB DDR4 SDRAM @ 2133MHz
240W Flextronics Adapter


When playing intensive games (recently: Sea of Thieves, Overwatch, Vermintide 2) the laptop will crash from anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours with one of two errors:

"Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered."
"Application SoTGame.exe has been blocked from accessing Graphics hardware."

In addition to this, when under load, the laptop will alternate between running through the AC adapter and draining the battery, resulting in a net battery drain. If not set to high performance mode, the draining will be less but the crashes more likely and when set to high performance mode, the battery drain is much higher. The battery drain is relatively quick making it impossible to play for long durations.

Things I've tried:

- Monitor temperature - All fine - Around 70C and never higher than 90C. Crashes have happened at 60C lowest.
- Use cooling pad
- Reapply termal paste
- Clean out fans
- Underclock GPU and undervolt processor
- Run games at lower settings
- Running BIOS diagnostics - no problems found
- Running SupportAssist diagnostics and stress tests - "abnormal exit" after "successful" GPU stress test completion
- Stress testing CPU and GPU (no crashing)
- Install various different Nvidia drivers (newest, beta, old, last stable before crashing, random drivers, drives suggest by Nvidia support, etc.)
- Reinstall Windows
- Factory Reset

Has anyone had this problem before? Or found a way to resolve it? I would assume the GPU isn't getting enough power but is there a way to check this before spending a decent amount of money on a new AC adapter?

Thank you!



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