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Re: Strange wifi problem with Alienware 17 R5

After trying many supposed "fixes" for the Alienware 17 R5's Killer NIC's connection dropping issues, I'm still experiencing the same problem. My connection to my wifi network drops from one to three times a day, which necessitates a reboot for each instance, which is very inconvenient. Dell really needs to fix this.

I'm loath to open up a Dell support case as I'm afraid that my laptop will be damaged or have cosmetic problems after repair. Also, I don't want to hassle with Dell because I'm not going to return the factory SSD with all the private/personal information on it. I also don't want them unnecessarily installing a refurb SSD and I'm *surely* not returning my D: data 4TB $1K Samsung 860 Pro SATA SSD, which I'd have to take out of my laptop.

Any suggestions?



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