Alienware 18, Fans and Thermal Control Questions

I have an Alienware 18 (i think ALW18-34490sLV configuration) with SLI 880m GPUs

anytime i enable SLI mode, it crashes. sometimes even without a load. The system also overheats very easily.

In HWmonitor or HWinfo64, it shows that only one of the cards GPU fan is working.

I have tried to adjust the fan curve to a more aggressive curve, but Afterburner wont let me adjust it, and there is no Thermal option in my Alienware Command Center. I tried uninstalling ACC and reinstalling but still no thermal/fan options. I also dont see anything about thermal or fan settings in the bios (on the latest bios). 

I am able to force the cpu and gpu0 fans to max using hwinfo64, but it shows no rpms on the gpu1 fan, and i am looking for a permanent solution

What should i do to make all the fans run on a more aggressive curve? 

thanks a bunch for any advice

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