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17 R5, AGA, USB connection issue

I plugged my mouse and keyboard on my AGA and connected the AGA to my 17 R5.

My 17 R5 is the i9 GTX1080 Version.

The USB connection through the AGA seems extremely unstable, the connection breaks every few seconds, also cause my keyboard constantly typing same key sometimes.

I have tried to solve the problem myself but I end up thinking this is an issue with my laptop (17 R5).

I plugged both mouse and keyboard directly onto my laptop(17 R5), and both of them functions normally.

I also has an old 17 R2 at hand, and I connected AGA with 17 R2, plugged mouse and keyboard onto AGA. The mouse and keyboard also functions normally.

So, I end up with the conclusion there might be something wrong with my laptop.

For both 17 R2 and 17 R5, I am using an external monitor, as well as using the external graphics card for gaming.

There are no issue with the monitor or graphics card connection. I am able to run games on my external monitor.

However, only 17 R5 having this USB connection issue, which constantly connect and disconnect with my mouse and keyboard, if I connect them through AGA.

This problem occurs occasionally, like having a 50% chance of happening. Sometimes it won't happen after a reboot and reconnection.

However, I have never encountered this issue while using 17 R2.

I am looking forward for some suggestions and possible solutions. Thanks.

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