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Never again will I buy Alienware/dell products

So I Purchased my Alienware 18 in March of 2016 after years of saving up to build my ultimate gaming machine! I Decided to go with dell thinking it was a great choice. Everything was going fine for a little over a year. But then I noticed my finger tips were starting to fill hot from the keyboard. And yes I’ve always had a cooling fan under my machine. Then last night out of no where the laptop shuts down. I checked to see if the laptop had overheated but it felt fine. I contacted dell and told them my situation they told me that since my warranty had run out I would have to send the laptop in and pay a flat fee and there’s a chance they don’t have the parts to begin with so I’ll have to pay for that as well. Which I’m guess will end up around $600-700. I called customer service and pleaded with them to help me out since my laptop was under 2 years old and worth over $3,000 but they just acted like they didn’t care and just wanted my money. First time I called the guy told me they no longer carried the parts to repair it. So I said does that mean I purchased a $3,000 lemon and this guy actually said yes. After going through google trying to find a way to fix it myself I called them back to discuss my warranty and basically I was told they would make an exception in certain situations but since I owned a laptop they decided to discontinue I was **bleep**. So I warn you do not buy from dell you will have nothing but issues and get treated like a $ sign and nothing more. You would think they would honor a loyal customer who has spent thousands on their products but that is not the case with dell. I own a asus laptop was that’s well over 10 years old and has never had 1 issue. Honestly after my hole experience and there’s more I won’t get into. I feel taken advantage of and this is a mistake I’ll have to learn from.