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Ask the Expert: Creating New Business Value with Big Data

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During this Ask the Expert event, Sean Brown, Director, Big Data Analytics, EMC IT, and Oshry Ben-Harush, Data Scientist, EMC IT, will be discussing the enormous impact Big Data is having on EMC’s IT, sales, marketing, and services organizations.  Big Data is changing the way we do business, and it’s understood that there are many benefits to implementing business data lake and big data solutions.  During this event our experts are here to discuss how EMC IT implements big data and business data lakes, including: best practices, lessons learned, architectural choices, and the impact of a data science team. We encourage you to participate in the conversation.

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Meet Your Experts:


Twitter: @OshryB

Oshry Ben-Harush

Data Scientist, Manager - EMC IT

Oshry is the lead of a team of data scientists in EMC, focused in developing advanced, data driven solutions to answer complex and varied challenges for different business units and EMC customers. Prior to joining EMC he was part of the Data Leak Prevention (DLP) group in CheckPoint software technologies, where he was engaged in developing content based textual categorization and topic modeling systems.


Twitter: @sbrownpgh

Sean Brown

Director of Big Data Analytics - EMC IT

Sean is an accomplished IT leader with over 25 years of industry experience and over 15 years of specialization in the BI and Analytics domain.  He has a proven ability to create and deliver innovative technology strategies that produce strategic business advantage for the enterprise and measurable bottom-line value. In Sean’s 6+ year career at EMC he and his team have driven key strategic initiatives in the BI and Analytics space including; Global Data Warehouse consolidation, Business Analytics as a Service (BAaaS), Propel SAP Business Warehouse, SAP HANA, ECPS Big Data Analytics, among others.

This discussion takes place from May 5th - 15th. Get ready by bookmarking this page or signing up for e-mail notifications.

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Re: Ask the Expert: Creating New Business Value with Big Data

Welcome to the Ask the Expert conversation. I'm assuming many of you wish you were able to take part of the live conversation on CrowdChat, but couldn't make it. During this ATE event you can still post your questions to Oshry and Sean, so go ahead and ask our experts whatever is on your mind about the EMC Big Data.

Here is the archive of the discussion on CrowdChat that took place May 5th, https://www.crowdchat.net/chat/c3BvdF9vYmpfMTI2Mw==

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