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SC 2020, cannot select esxi 6.5 when creating server

Dear reader, I have an ESXI host, installed with dell ISO. DellEMC-ESXi-6.5U2-8294253-A00 (Dell) I have connected, via SAS, a dell SC 2020 compellent. Both ESXI host and compellent are in the same subnet. Now i want to connect them together. WHat i understood from reading manuals/ following YT movie, i need to create a server via the dell storage manager client. However, when i try to select vmware esxi 6.5 from the dropdown menu (at the operating system field), i can only select versions 5.0 till 6.0 This makes me think i need to update something on the compellent. However, i have no internet connection there. So i will need to find an update file, but i have no idea which one to select on the dell support drivers and download section. I downloaded the storage center update utility, but i A) do not know how to use that or B) it won't work because i have no internet. Where can i find the update files i need to give me the ESXI 6.5 O.S. option? If im correct, i am running version now, when i look at the properties in the controllers. I am stuck at the moment. WHen i follow the wizard to connect the ESXI host, it gives me a clear API error, which makes me believe it simply cannot communicatie with esxi 6.5 yet.
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