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Re: SCv3020 and SAS attachments with VMware questions

Hehehhehe..... right now the company is DellEMC and maybe in the near Feature Dell Technology.   DellEMC renamed the brand "Compellent" to  "SC" (StorageCenter) a long time ago. Dell bought Compellent in early 2011 and with the launch of Compellent SC8000 and SC4020 or shortly after they renamed Compellent to SC. Our SC220 bezels are labeld with Compellent 🙂

So for the VMware HCL select both Dell and DellEMC as company name and search for the term "Center". You will see different entries based on frontend connectivity like FC, iSCSI and SAS.  They always certified a Storage Center OS Version like 6.6, 7.2,7.3 rather than a modells like SCv2020 or SCv3020. So when SCOS7.3 is available on SCv3020 than its good for vSphere.





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