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Re: SCv3020 and SAS attachments with VMware questions

You will not find a single paper which showing that connecting a SC SAS to  non dell PowerEdge 13/14. Gen together with the Dell 12G SAS HBA is supportet. Sorry.

Will it work? Most likely yes! But nobody will gurantee.

We have connceted a SC5020 against 2 4x CPU Socket HPE Proliants with HP 12G SAS HBAs without trouble. Customer switch 6 month later to 4 R740 because the HPE runs out of support.

We have connceted a SCv2020 against Fujitsu RX Server with their 12G SAS HBAs.

We have connected a SCv2020 against Whitebox Server by using Dell 12G SAS HBAs.

So when ever possible we use the Major Server Vendors and there 12G SAS HBAs because outerwise you will unable to monitor and upgrade FW to that devices.


But if possible you should avoid this kind of setup.




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