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Beware - phone scam claiming to be from Dell

I received a call yesterday from a guy with an Indian accent claiming to be from Dell.  He had my full name, cell phone number, and service tag number.  He claimed their was something wrong with my computer and I needed to log in immediately.  I knew it was a scam and started asking him questions.  He became very rude and irate and eventually hung up.  I tried calling Dell customer service twice about the issue since the caller had access to specific information related to my Dell purchase.  The first time I called Customer service, they gave me the number to the *** to file a complaint.  The second time I called Customer Service, I was trying to get in touch with a fraud department within Dell since I thought they might be interested in an issue of someone clearly accessing their customer data.  The customer service rep did not know what to do and would not forward me.  She seemed completely uninterested in the issue and was not able to understand the severity of outsiders accessing customer data.  As I kelp pushing it, she said she would connect me with her manager.  I waited on hold for 15 minutes and no manager.  I would like this is a major issue that Dell would be concerned with.  APPARENTLY NOT!!!

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