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Overcharged $400, price match guarantee not honored

I purchased a laptop on black Friday listed $200. I was surprised that I was charged $700 even though the amount at checkout was the black Friday deal. Customer service offered only $90 credit.

Next day I find the same laptop at Costco for $499. Loosing hope to get my black Friday deal honored, I asked for the priceremony to be matched. I keep being placed on hold for hours.

I must have lost a total of 10 hours on hold since I've been trying to reach dell daily.

I am frustrated beyond belief. Can someone American please help me here. Seems that those offshore employees have no concept of black friday, price match, etc...

I purchased 3 laptops in a year through dell. I will never buy from Dell again.

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RE: Overcharged $400, price match guarantee not honored. Will never buy from Dell again

You and me both brother.  I seriously cannot believe that Dell remains as large as they are with how they treat their customers.  They are the next HP.

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