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I am severing all ties of a 15+yr relationship with Dell unless....

This is NOT the first time I have tried to address this with Dell so I don't want anybody thinking I'm just being irrational or an intentional a-hole...

I bought an "XPS15_L502X" and with the many upgrades I added, I ended up paying well over of $1800 for it (a few years ago). I have never purchased anything other than Dell (in my entire life) and hadn't ever planned to, until "Windows 10" released. I upgraded to "Win10" and have since lost some functionality, most of which I can deal with (and don't really mind too much) but the loss of "Waves MAXXAUDIO3" sound is pissing me off. I paid extra for THIS system partly because of the "JBL" speakers and the upgraded sound etc. via the "Waves MAXXAUDIO3" program.

Now after 15 years of my loyalty and dedication to Dell, after having ALWAYS bragged on Dell to EVERYONE and insisted they purchase Dell products (free of charge too, even though people in commercials get paid), Dell has slapped me square in the face and I will NOT sit by and allow it to just happen without speaking my mind.

At first I was upset and assumed Dell would remedy the situation in time, so over the last few months I have been checking back regularly to see if anything has been issued. Recently I let some time lapse, trying to not worry about it, and today I remembered to check in, only to find the MOST disturbing bit of info I could possibly come across, and directly from Dell!

So, given the info I have found.... I want to know why all these other XPS models INCLUDING the "XPS15_L521X" have been officially upgraded for Windows 10 with 100% functionality w/updated drivers etc etc and my "XPS15_L502X" isn't and won't be???!!!! This is deplorable and a complete breach of the trust I had in Dell.

As copy/pasted below, it can easily be seen how many models of XPS pc's Dell DID in fact upgrade for "Win10", BUT WHY NOT MINE???!!! DID I NOT SPEND $1,800+ CASH??!! Am I somehow less of a customer for having bought the "L502X" and not the "L521X"?! Is the money I spent not the same as the purchasers of the "L521X"? (even more so, what about the "XPS17" owners out there? They paid even MORE than I did for the 17" model, do they not warrant a "Win10" upgrade either??!!)

The abhorrent info I found:
"A list of the computers that have been tested for upgrade to Windows 10. If your computer model is not listed, Dell is not testing the device, drivers have not been updated for that model, and Dell does not recommended an upgrade to Windows 10. If you wish to proceed with an upgrade to Windows 10 on an untested system, Microsoft provides information an support for upgrade through their upgrade website.


XPS Duo 11 (9P33
XPS Duo 12 (L221x, 9Q23)
XPS 12 (9Q33)
XPS 13 L321X
XPS 13 L322X
XPS 13 9333 *
XPS 13 9343
XPS 14 (L421x)
XPS 15 (L521x)
XPS 15 9530"

I doubt Dell cares since my *** little couple grand every few years won't hurt them in the end but I assure you, all that energy I devoted to bragging about Dell will now be spent doing all I can to steer people AWAY from Dell, the once great company that now [expletive] on certain customers. So, if I can sway even 10 people away from Dell annually, my little couple grand will be over $20K and every year as opposed to every few years.
Make no mistake Dell, I will do all I can to ruin you to every person I meet.....
UNLESS of course SOMEBODY at Dell will finally address this and me. Ignoring it/me won't work, obviously as it hasn't for the last few months. I am on the computer ALL day and I will spare no chance to tell people about how a loyal customer to Dell of 15+ years, having spent (between just my household alone, who all came to me for purchasing advice) approximately $26k with Dell was just chucked aside and ignored.

Anybody who went to the added expense of buying an XPS model (ALL FOUR TIMES HE BOUGHT A DELL PC, it's not like it's a budget friendly Inspiron or something and granted it's not Alienware but it's the next best thing Dell has) should be secure in the fact that Dell will ALWAYS support upgrades for the XPS model line and stand behind their EXPENSIVE pc's!
I mean, THIS is how Dell says thank you to its loyal XPS customers?! NEVER AGAIN DELL!!!! (Unless, like I said, somebody wants to get take pride in their job/company AND FIX THIS!!!!!!!!)

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RE: I am severing all ties of a 15+yr relationship with Dell unless....

Thank you for posting your comments on the Dell Community Forum Customer Care Board and bringing your concerns to my attention. Allow me to sincerely apologize for any difficulties you may have encountered in attempting to resolve your concerns. While this board is for non-technical issues, I was able to find the following information regarding the Supported Operating Systems​. 

Your XPS 15 L502X supports these operating systems:

Windows 8, 64-bit
Windows 7, 64-bit

Note regarding operating systems not listed above: Dell may not support an operating system for various reasons, including discontinued support from the software vendor or lack of availability with certain products.

Dell’s Product Team chose which systems would be supported with Windows 10. As I am not technically inclined, I can only speculate why they made the decisions they did in regards to which systems to support. Once a system surpasses 4 years, it becomes harder to find parts for repairs, and technological advances make many older systems unable to compete with newer technology. Perhaps that played a role in their decision.

It's genuinely sad to lose a longtime, loyal customer, no matter the reason. Please accept my apology for any frustration or inconvenience you may have been caused. We strive to provide a great purchase experience for all of our customers. I regret we missed the mark in your case.

I trust this information is helpful. Please let us know if we may be of any further assistance.


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RE: I am severing all ties of a 15+yr relationship with Dell unless....


Have you tried the Windows 10 upgrade? I also have an older model, Dell XPS L501x.My system also was NOT tested for the Windows 10 upgrade.

I upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 64-bit and the upgrade went smoothly. I just checked and I have Waves MAXXAUDIO3 on my Windows 10 system.



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