Where is my order??

I placed an order for an Inspiron laptop on September 13, gave credit card information, etc. and soon after got an email giving me a purchase ID 2005649426274 and said I would get an order confirmation in 2 business days. It has almost been a week. When I sign in to my Dell account it shows no recent orders. So I have no idea when this computer will be built and shipped. I could have gotten it at Best Buy this weekend! Please let me know asap WHERE my order is at by the end of September 19th or just cancel it so I can know my card won't be charged and I'll buy somewhere else.

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RE: Where is my order??

Hi rochellehorner13,

Thank you for posting your order acknowledgement/confirmation inquiry on the Dell Community Forum Customer Care Board. Dell strives to provide all our valued customers with an enjoyable and satisfying purchase experience.

When you place an order, either online or through a Dell Sales Representative, you generally receive two emails. The first is the order acknowledgement stating your order has been submitted. The second is the order confirmation which provides the order number. If you received the Dell Purchase ID (DPID) and not the order number, the order may not have been generated, and you may need to place the order again.

The Order Status is available 24/7 online, and you may search by the DPID number.

If you ordered by phone, or if you ordered online without first signing in to your My Account profile, your order may not automatically appear in your Recent Order page or My Account profile.

However, you can add your order details manually.

Find and make a note of the Customer Number, Order Number, and Zip Code for your order. You can find this information in your order confirmation e-mail.

    a) Go to http://support.dell.com

    b) Click My Account, and then sign in with your e-mail address and password.

    c) In the My Account Settings section, click Customer Numbers .

    d) In the Add a Customer Number section, type the Customer Number, Order Number, and Zip Code, and then click Add Customer Number. 

You can also see a link named Find Missing Order in the Recent Order page when you login in My Account and click in Order Status. This link will also help you add customer numbers.

NOTE: To help ensure that details of your future orders appear in your Account profile, follow these guidelines.

Sign in to your My Account profile before ordering online. When you're ordering by phone, tell the Dell representative the Customer Number for your My Account profile, and ask that they use it to place your order.

I sincerely regret any inconvenience or frustration you may have been caused. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us through Dell’s Live Chat.

Thank you,

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RE: Where is my order??

I facing the same problem. Even 1000$ is cut from account but i didn't get any response. Can you please help me.

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RE: Where is my order??

after my first order, my bank sent me a fraud message, and I placed again, and the bank phoned me to tell me it's a fraud, could you check my orders and cancel one of them?

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