1 Copper

Bad Experience

One shipment took very long to be delivered. I was told in a chat session I would receive $75.00 coupon for my troubles. I never got the gift card and after sending two different request via email that said a response in 24-48 hours I did not receive any response. So this is very frustrating. If you promise something then deliver it.

Then Next I immediately canceled an order with customer service. They said a refund in 24 hours. Next the order shipped the next day anyway and they said they will get the product returned then 10 - 15 business days I will get a refund. I escalated to a manager and he said he could do nothing. This was not my error. I tried to cancel in 10 mins but they still shipped the next day. Stupid system. And Now I have to wait to get a refund. No help with escalation. Useless.