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Dell complaint

I am thoroughly frustrated with Dell. I bought an Inspiron via Microsoft's trusted laptop program and after less than 2 years, I get vertical lines on the screen when I open and close the laptop. It is clearly a pinched cable, that occurred during manufacturing and Dell will not step up to fixing this. I have escalated to the Dell Execs even Michael Dell. UNBELIEVABLE!  A $100 buck repair is more important to Dell than a loyal customer. BAD!!!

Here is my last email to them.

That resolution is not gonna work.
Its not about the $. I have more than you. It's about principle and doing what's right. I thought Dell was a decent company, but I was wrong. If this is how Mr. Dell made his Billions, by ripping off unsuspecting good intentioned customers then shame on him and you.
I stand by that this was built incorrectly and should be resolved by Dell. I know that social media when they see this will see the real Dell.
I will never allow another Dell product in my household nor will I ever use one in my executive career.



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