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No shops or service centres in Australia - how ridiculous!

I have been trying to get a very simple issue sorted for days now, but because Dell has no customer service centres in Australia, I've been having to deal with the no care, no responsibility, online service people located around Asia - the worst customer experience I have ever encountered and I will never buy another computer again from Dell, or any other company that does not provide on the ground service! I wasted an hour of my time going through tests over the phone with someone, who then transferred me to someone else who wanted to run the same tests, but then decided that it would be better for him to replace a part in my computer, so quoted me for a refurbished (not new!) part + labour. I then figured out what was actually wrong with my computer - a transformer that I had purchased while o/s because my previous transformer stopped working and was not charging my computer. I bought the transformer 4 weeks ago from an authorised Dell repairer and it supposedly had an international warranty, but Dell is not only refusing to honour the warranty, but cannot even tell me where I can urgently buy a replacement transformer to charge my computer. I have wasted hours of my time on the phone, via email, and on chat trying to get this very simple question answered: how do I get a new transformer? And separately, why won't Dell honour its own international warranty? It's the worst company I've dealt with from an IT perspective!
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