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Re: 30 year relationship with Dell ended today

@MRC221 wrote:
Thanks for that input. Turns out that there is a 32 gb drive on the mother board that the Dell technician failed to format and install an OS before returning it to me. Dell authorized a third party technician to do an onsite repair. He formatted the drive and installed WIN 10. Dell tech support would not admit their error and were not responsive with help to complete the required updates. When I asked for a different service rep that could talk to me during my available hours my request was denied and i was told they would close the service ticket unless I replied promptly. GOODBYE DELL.

Are you saying you still had warranty for this 2-year old laptop?

I thought the standard warranty was 1 year and did not cover software problems.


It is unfortunate you did not ask questions about this before contacting Dell.

Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, ASUS all sell laptops with the 32 GB eMMC hard drives.

They still sell them.

I have owned one from each manufacturer. LOL.

My first was the Lenovo 120S. After I bought it I learned real quick what needed to be done when Windows 10 tries to update.




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