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After warranty repair, Dell sent my XPS 15 to the wrong address. Customer service is not Helping!


I am posting on here because at this point I'm not sure what I else I can do. 

In May I sent my XPS 15 9570 in for a repair covered under the warranty. On May 22, I received a confirmation that the system was being sent to my return address in Texas. The system ended up being delivered to an address in Washington D.C and was signed for by a random person. 

I have literally spent between 10-15 hours with customer service and still have made no progress on this issue. I have worked with Theresa Caneso, Rachel Srushti, and currently Raj Surenda. 

This entire experience has been absolutely terrible. For the first couple of weeks, I was told this was an issue on the part of FedEx, and multiple times, a Dell  representative assured me they would work with FedEx to figure it out. Each time I was asked to wait 1-2 Days, and each time I either never heard back or was forced to reach out to Dell first.

After taking it upon myself to investigate with FedEx, it turns out the fault of the issue was on Dell. Since they printed the wrong address on the package. I also found out that while they could try to retrieve the package, the request would have to come from Dell, and to that point one had not been initiated (even though I had been told multiple times by Dell they were working on it).

Finally after calling in multiple times I got paired up with Ray Surenda. I appreciate Ray for taking ownership of the matter, but nothing has happened since  I’ve started working with him. Ray has been very clear that the only action Dell will take in this matter is try to find and return me a laptop that some random person has had for almost a MONTH.

Over a month and a half has gone by since I sent in my system and through no fault of my own I still have not gotten it back. This system is critical to both my MBA education and my job.

No one at Dell seems to care about genuine concerns I regarding this situation such as:

  • My personal information on the laptop being at risk now, and in the future as it’s possible the device could be tampered with
  • Dell deciding that the only option is to continue putting in request to retrieve the laptop, have FedEx send it back to me.

This laptop has been in the hands of someone else for almost 10% of its life and is in an unknown condition. Not only am I not going to be compensated for the wear and tear, I’m going to be held responsible if something is wrong with the computer, as the computer is now out of warranty. I have no faith that Dell would do anything if the laptop was returned to me damaged.

It is undeniable that I have been wronged in this situation and it’s been very stressful to deal with. I didn’t cause this issue and I’m being punished for it. If someone can please help that would be wonderful.

I can prove everything I mentioned here with conversation logs on email if there is any doubt.

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