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Re: Dell Keeps Failing

I ordered a three year (36 mo) subscription to McAfee.  My computer came with 1 month of McAfee.  Dell did not give me a link to download the full subscription nor did they give me a DDD.  I am fed up.  I just want a refund so that I can go purchase my virus protection from someone else..  Dell, you have made a lasting negative impression.  What else will I discover that I am missing? I have never had any thing wrong with any of my previous orders in the YEARS that I have been a loyal Dell customer.  You should just turn off the lights and lock the doors because you will not stay in business this way.


* Contact one of our Customer Care/Order Support Liaisons via a Private message. Please only message ONE of them -

DELL-Ravi C http://dell.to/T0XQim DELL-Roshan L http://dell.to/Wmvhf2 DELL-Harish M http://dell.to/Z2oW6o DELL-Frances Y http://dell.to/ZMSF4M DELL-Lorna M http://dell.to/PWMBSV
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They'll return your email, just give them a day or two. I hope this helps you out.


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