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Order issue = South Africa, Laptop, Cancelled non-payment

Ordered a laptop from the web site last month, got a receipt and order confirmation. Only when it hadn't arrived and we enquired where it was were we told that the order had been cancelled for non payment. Odd given that we had a receipt (had paid with Visa card and on checking found that it hadn't processed a payment). Emailed the three dell people involved in the enquiry and have received no response (except for a OOO message - which I assume stands for out of office) from one of them so sent the email to his backup, no response. Strangely we still want to purchase the laptop - although starting to think a HP might be easier. Cant get any response from anyone in South Africa and today the web site doesn't even seem to give the option to purchase (although it says you can) but instead goes to "find a reseller" . Need to get this sorted as soon as we can as we need the new computer. Can post all the order details, customer number etc... if required.
Please help. 

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