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Promotional eGift card, Invalid?

I purchased a system online a few weeks ago. At the time of the purchase I was sent a dell promotional eGift card that will expire in 90days. They explained this and I am okay with that. I have been looking around and found something in the dell shop to purchase. I go to check out and enter my promotional card information. and hit apply. Below is the result.

"* The Dell Gift Card number is invalid. Please enter a valid card number."

I used chat to contact Dell and figure out why this does not work. They offered to help me complete my purchase through chat / via phone. This is not really an acceptable solution for something that should work via the dell website. I honestly expect a technology company to figure out the issue and resolve it. In the meantime my card expiration date gets closer and closer. And I will probably have to cave in and use the chat or phone to use the card before it expires.

This may seem trivial but I had a similar issue trying to apply a discount to my original purchase. During checkout it would not accept the discount code. I used chat and spent hours in chat and ultimately on the phone with sales reps.  While they did eventually get the order squared away, it seems I could have completed this in 30 minutes or less using the web. 

Is the only way to use the promotional egift card via chat and telephone?

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Re: Promotional eGift card




Moving this thread to the Customer Care Forum.





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Re: Promotional eGift card

Hi  ,

Thank you for posting in our Community and Welcome!

Apologies to inconveniences encountered using your eGift Card. If you can please provide me with the following information below via private message ( click my username in blue then Start Conversation ), I will be glad to look into your case;

Dell Order Number ( system order 😞
Account Name:
Your complete name ( if different from Account Name 😞
eGift Card Number:
Item/s trying to purchase when trying to use the eGift Card:

Thank you.

Thanks & Regards,
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