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Confused about my warranty status

I have bought a dell Monitor from Kolkata. Since last Saturday it was not power on . It is under warranty, so I call customer care on Monday.

MONDAY : They took all information about the monitor and after some troubleshooting process  they assured me that I have my replacement within 2 business days. But may be the model will not be the same. I told them that I must need HDMI port and almost same specification. They also assured me with that.

TUESDAY: At about 5 p.m. a courier guy came with a big box. When I checked with replacement monitor I was very surprised that the replacement monitor is a cheaper model than I bought. It does not have any HDMI port. I refuse to received that and call customer care again.
They told me that particular model is not available, so I have to wait. How long I asked and the informed me that I have to checked through their customer care.

WEDNESDAY: I called customer care to know about my warranty status and they told me the same, 'particular model is not available' and suggest me to use that monitor with VGA to HDMI converter.
She told me, " The converter will cost you rs. 50 to 200. why don't you try with it?' I refused to do that. After waiting for few minutes she finally informed me that exact model is available with HDMI, DVI and VGA port with same screen size and I will have it within 2/3 business day.

TODAY: I called customer care in the morning for my warranty status, I was informed that I have my monitor today within 5pm. The model will not be the same but specification as same I have . I was happily thanks her(person of customer care) and disconnect.

After few minutes I call again to know the model no. with which they replace mine, I was very very surprised that they sending me the same cheaper model which I already refuse for not having HDMI port.

I told the customer care guy I don't accept that. From the very beginning I informed them that I need the same specifications but repeatedly dell try to send me a cheaper model and even suggest me to use it with  with converter.

I'm afraid that if i call them again another guy will tell me another story which is differ from previous.

The picture changes every time I called them, I really don't understand what is my warranty status right now.

It is a long story, and I'm sorry for that, but i think I need some help...is there any way that I know correctly what is my warranty status right now?

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RE: Confused about my warranty status

The Dell warranty for monitors does not say you will get the same monitor model. It states that we will try to send you the same model. But, if none are available, you will receive one similar in specifications; equal or better based on current market value. We will never "upgrade" you just to get a specific port. HDMI and VGA to HDMI will both do 1920x1080.

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