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Bad Dell Support

I have been contacting Dell Technical Support regarding my computer since September of 2013. However, after numerous failed service attempts (wrong parts, missing parts, not having proper tools), the representative decided to send me a new computer, since she said I had no other option. After waiting for over a month for the system, (due to a shortage she said), I was completely unsatisfied with the lower level system she sent and kept emailing her to resolve the issue. She immediately stopped responding to my calls and emails and no matter who I email (her manager as well), no one is responding. Recently, she emailed me back and said I was out of warranty (However, about 6 months of my warranty have been wasted. I can send you a list of 60 emails that have been exchanged and numerous phone calls totaling at least 30 hours). I would like to speak to someone who I can relay this immense complaint too. This is completely unacceptable. This is a complete rejection of my warranty terms: despite spending over $1000 on this system with warranty extensions, I am not getting anything in return: I am not buying Dell. Please suggest my next steps and who I can talk to. It just seems ridiculous that recently, every time I buy from  Dell (which is far too often if you look at the purchase history), I am faced with this type of unacceptable issue.