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Multiple iDracs - Different Credentials

What is the best way to add multiple iDracs if the credentials for each one is unique to that device, does it have to be one at a time?

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Re: Multiple iDracs - Different Credentials


Thanks for your post. If you have different servers with different credentials, then while creating discovery task and in "Devices to Discover" page, Select "Add" multiple options, select "Server" Device type for all the options and provide different credentials. Hope this helps


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Re: Multiple iDracs - Different Credentials

Hi John,

Depending on how many iDrac (etc) you have it might be worth investigating the api

you might find it's easier/quicker to script adding them all rather than going through the web UI.

Alternatively, can you hook all the idracs to LDAP?  the you could use an LDAP user to add them all with a common password.  Albeit with the work around about on boarding devices with an LDAP user from this thread:

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