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Newbie Help - OME Setup - Email Alerts Not Working


I'm trying to setup OME in our Windows domain, but cannot work out why the email alerts are not working. These are the steps I have carried out so far:

  • Installed OME v2.0.1.2222 on a Dell PowerEdge R210 II server running Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Installed OMSA v8.1.0 on a Dell PowerEdge R720xd server running Windows Server 2012 R2
  • On the OMSA server, made sure SNMP Traps are enabled for all alert types & under Alert Actions, enabled Alert on Console & Broadcast Message. Also Enabled Platform Event Filter Alerts
  • Enabled SNMP on both servers and set the Community to a unique name & followed the instructions on the 'Initial Setup' article on the OME itself (Do I need to enable 'Send Authentication Trap on the OMSA server?)
  • On the OME server setup the email alert settings & for testing purposes, configured it to email alerts for all devices & categories
  • Enabled Network Discovery on both servers and made sure Network Discovery & SNMP Service & Traps are set as allowed apps on the Windows Firewall
  • I have sent a test email message from the OMSA server and it arrives to the designated mailbox

I can see alerts when I go to Manage -> Alerts on the OME server for the OMSA server, but no emails get received from the system.

What am I missing?

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