RE: Newbie Help - OME Setup - Email Alerts Not Working

The SNMP settings you have configured in OMSA are not actually SNMP settings in OMSA 

It is can be a bit confusing in our software.

SNMP Settings

The SNMP settings in OMSA that you can change are actually the iDRAC settings, so if you don't have your iDRAC configured it will never be able to send a SNMP trap. Take a look at these 2 screenshots, I've changed the settings in OMSA and as you can see the iDRAC now has those values.

In my opionion the best way to start is to have the iDRAC send hardware alerts to the OME server but if the iDRAC's are not configred and that is not possible you will need to have Windows send those traps. That can be done by configuring the Windows SNMP service.

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