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Invalid firmware and driver update on Open manage

Hi guys,

I am trying to install firmware and driver updates on the servers which are showing non-compliant in Open manage. 

Some drivers are getting installed with no issues but for some drivers it gives an error. When tried installing the updates manually, for some updates it says that the update is not valid for this OS or server. For some, it says that the version is the same as the installed one.  

In this case, should the Open Manage be showing these updates needed for the server because then the servers are unnecessarily showing as non-compliant although it is updated.

What can I do to show such servers as compliant in OM?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Invalid firmware and driver update on Open manage

Hi, thanks for the query.

Following will help us identify the problem:

  1. What version of OME are you using.
  2. What server models are concerned with this problem?
  3. How are the targets being managed, through iDRAC or in-band with OMSA?


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