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Re: CD-Rom drive won't read mini CDs

I figured it out - though it's a most bizarre solution.  When I reinstalled applications I left off the Roxio Easy CD Creator.  I never used it, so I figured "why clutter up things"  Then, when reading something in the hardward documentation I saw a note about how my CD drive wouldn't work properly in an NT environment without Roxio.  Now, even though I've got Win XP on this machine, I figured...I'll give it a try.  Turns out that was it.  There must be something that program enables - a driver inside the software? - so that it can read mini CD-Rs.   Because according to the hardward documentation, those mini disks aren't compatible with this CD-RW drive otherwise.  I never would have known, since I never had a problem viewing the mini disks before this happened.

Osprey - thanks for helping me troublshoot.

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