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Re: Sony DW-Q58A DVD Drive Firmware

Great news!!  After a lot of trial and error, I theorized that maybe the Dell Inspiron 6000 disables the Secondary Master/Slave IDE ports when it doesn't detect anything.  I couldn't put the drive in a tower pc case cuz of the PAE 50pin port being different from a 80pin IDE cable, and I didn't feel like going out and buying one.  So I borrowed my friend's laptop and found out his DVD drive was the same size and shape and mines.  I installed his drive in my laptop, booted the computer to dos with a usb drive, then switched the drive with my dead drive.  To my surprise, mtkflash detected a drive there (it freezes when scanning ports, but at least it didn't say "cannot initial IDE port").  I then typed in the mtkflash prompt "mtkflash 3 w /b /m uds1_new.bin" and it started flashing!  After flashing what appears to be 15 or so banks, the drive blinks, ejects, and WORKS!  Sorry for my long story, but I'm just overexcited as I was stuck with this drive for days.  Thank you for those who made mtkflash and saving us from buying new drives.
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