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Re: What is the Dell Utility Partition and can it be deleted?

"i tried before to boot to it but Acronis kicked in before."

During POST (Power-On Self Test) you'll see the blue-on-black Dell logo and the F2/F12 prompts in the upper right corner.  That's when you press F12.  When POST finishes it will present the bios boot menu, giving you a choice of which device to boot from.  If no F12, it doesn't show the bios boot menu and (as typically setup) boots from the hard disk.  That's the first place Acronis can have any influence, so if you saw Acronis kick in, that means you missed the bios boot menu and were already booting from the hard disk.

"Kinda like a screen where you can test all the pcs components right? ... it looks pretty useful and im gona try to keep it."

Right.  It's always available on the Dell website, so it's not that important to keep it on the hard disk, and it does take up a slot in the partition table, but it's small so most people don't bother with it and leave it alone.  I recommend leaving it there unless it starts getting in the way or you need that slot in the partition table.


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