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RE: Dell diagnostics error code 0F00:0240

Bought a Dell Inspiron 7 years ago, worked for 2 months then wouldn't start up. Decided to just see if it would start up yesterday when I came across it... IT DID! Updated browsers and security [Admin Note: TOU Violation Removed] per Microsoft. All data seemed ok but would freeze and have to reboot to continue. Then suddenly... BAM! Again, will not even boot up... I see a quick "Cannot Log on" button before it goes dark and tries to reboot again. It does this over and over. I ran the diagnostics and got the same error in this thread as well as 0244. What the hell? Never hardly used this computer. Did have time to create a back up on the alternative disk of the state when it was working last night so... HOW DO I ACCESS THAT TO BOOT IT?

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