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Re: Diskette Drive 0 Seek Failure

I'm curious to know if you've solved your problem.

I am also having a similar problem that I have not yet fixed.  But I think I might be on to something just havent' proved it yet.  I wanted to see if anyone on this post might have external "diskettes" (ie. memory card/camera/ipod) hooked up at anytime. 

After using a system repair disk that I found, I booted from this CD and tried to repair "sytstem startup".  It said that I have an external device it's trying to boot from (ie.  memory card/camera/ipod etc).  After talking to my syster in law, who was the last to use the computer, she said she was last uploading pics to the computer when it didn't work.  I unplugged that device, and I wonder if it's caught up looking for that "diskette". 

Another weird thing I also found while troubleshooting was that in my bios boot setting that Drive A: was specified as 1.44 floppy, which I don't have. 



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