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Re: CD Drive Code 39 Error - NO FIX!

Hi TurboGC8. There are many causes for Code 39 errors so I'll give you a couple of things to try and if those don't work we can get a little deeper into it.


1) Download and run the Sony BMG Uninstaller. (This will remove any possible DRM installed when using Sony CDs)


2) Search for these 2 files using Windows Explorer (afs.sys or afs2k.sys) and if found rename them by adding a 1 right before the .sys (ex. afs1.sys). These are old Oak Technologies files that have been found to conflict with cdrom.sys (the CD-ROM driver).


Edit (2/11/09): I neglected to mention one thing that should be done prior to searching for the files mentioned in Step 2. AFS.SYS and AFS2K.SYS may be hidden files on your system so you will have to change the setting in Windows Explorer that allows you to view the hidden files and folders. There may also be files that are similar to the two that I've listed here but these two have been seen to cause problems a number of times. Here is a link that explains how to change the setting in Windows XP.


For Windows Vista, open Windows Explorer (click Start | Computer) and then near the upper left-hand corner of Windows Explorer, click Organize | Folder and Search Options and choose the View tab. Under Advanced Settings, click the circle next to Show hidden files and folders and then click the OK button to save the setting and close the window (Note: It is not necessary to click the Apply button unless you want to see the changes before closing the window.)


For Windows XP and Windows Vista:  It is a good idea to go back in and change the setting back to Do not show hidden files and folders using the same method for the applicable version of Windows when troubleshooting is complete.

(End 2/11/09 edit)




Don't worry about installing the firmware. It is usually used only for specific issues and I've seen more cases where a failed firmware update has fried the drive than cases where the firmware has helped.


I may have missed it in your posts but also let us know what version of Windows that you are using if/when you post back.

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