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Re: CD Drive Code 39 Error - NO FIX!

TurboGC8, I'm glad that was able to fix your drive issue. My next suggestion would be to look through your CDs for any that are distributed by Sony/BMG because it sounds like that was the likely cause for the error code (#39) that you received and also because it may occur when another Sony/BMG CD is played. When you play certain CDs from Sony/BMG files will be installed that are related to copy protection and these files can cause issues with the optical drives (CD/DVD), apparently keeping cdrom.sys from loading properly. The Oak Technologies issue is less common but is known to cause similar issues related to the loading of cdrom.sys.


I would rearrange the troubleshooting order a bit only because I'm more reluctant to make changes to the registry, as suggested in the Microsoft article. Another reason being that the MS article suggests uninstalling/reinstalling all burning software which, if the Sony/BMG or the Oak Technologies issues are the cause, shouldn't be necessary. Deletion of the Filter registry entries will remove the burning ability of software designed for that purpose. So I would try the Sony/BMG and Oak Technologies checks as the first two options and then consider the removal of the filters. The Dell Diagnostics program is very handy for determining whether something is physically wrong with the drive(s).


cdn_rob, were you able to fix your drive(s) using the suggestions given?

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