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Re: Help Vista Roxio Sonic Dell burning issues!

Thank you for your reply,

I have contacted so many people and given them my story - I forget to supply all of the information - so here is the rest:

For the record - as I said we purchased this computer less than 6 months ago with all programs, except the printer (HP Photosmart 3310), pre-installed.

I have succesfuly made photo CD's and DVD's since then (Sept and Oct 2008) and had no problem at the time.

Yesterday I successfully made a video using Roxio My DVD - which tells me the drive is working properly.

And in the past I have always used my OS method of copying photos as follows:


I highlight the photos I want to burn to disc and click "burn disc".

A window pops up saying "prepare blank disc"

I type in the disc name

Click on "Mastered"

another pop up allows me to change the speed - (I have tried several speeds)

The status window shows "copying" - it copies and I click "burn to disc"

status window shows "adding data to disc" then

"writing data to disc" then

"performing final steps" and window pops up saying

"there was an error burning this disc. the disc migh no longer be usable" and it gives me 3 options


save for later


The same thing happens if I just insert a blank disc using the auto play method and  click "burn files to disc".

The problem occurs whether I use CD's or DVD's regardless of brand name - tried many!

I try cleaning the discs - that are new - just in case there might be dust or fingerprints - by using the soft cloth I use for my glasses.  That does not work either.

It is almost as though it is copying - but for some reason unable to close the disc.

Sometimes it even asks to format disc and then I get an error "unable to format"

I do need to use a DVD for the project I am currently working on - I have created a memory disc of photos of my daughters life.  I want her to be able to access the photos to use on a scrapbook she is creating for her children - so I cannot just make her a DVD video of her life or I would.

I am hoping to give her this for Christmas with all of her photo's sorted for her use - like I said - simple task - just can't seem to get it to work!


Appreciate your help!

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