Re: Can't get DVD burner to burn

Same problem with two Optiplex 755s. I did an online chat with a prosupport tech after Roxio's support site recommended firmware update and none was listed for these two service tags (less than one year old, both using OEM version of Roxio). I was able to burn files to a DVD, but not copy a non-copyright-protected DVD (kept rejecting inserted DVD and requesting another one - tried around 20 different ones). I uninstalled and reinstalled the DVDRW drive on one of the machines. He recommended uninstalling and reinstalling Roxio which we did the other. No luck. Finally upgraded Roxio and was able to copy the DVD. This is unacceptable as it's no use having a DVD RW drive that doesn't come with software to accomplish the task of copying DVDs. He didn't respond to my email requesting an OEM version that would do this.

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