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Re: Clicking sound on hd ST9500420ASG ATA

Dell agreed to replace the notebook with a new one (although I'm not sure how that is supposed to help). This was three weeks ago. Unfortunately, the specs of the system they are building for me are incorrect. I really would have loved to inform them of this, but I cannot reach the corporate representative who called me in the first place. The system just shipped, but it is going right back since it has the wrong networking card (and this makes a difference for me).

I have filed 3 unresolved incident tickets with Dell so far, but nobody cares. I am now filing a report with the BBB. If all else fails, I will go ahead and start a complaint with my credit card to get the refund, but they should not be the ones who foot the bill due to Dell's incompetence.


Meggie13, the Seagate drive works fine in my other systems. The problem here is a compatibility issues with Dell's motherboard. This is something that should have been detected and fixed in the QA process of the notebook's design. Your problem should be will Dell, not Seagate.

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