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Re: How to set up RAID 1 on XPS 730X.

Well, I did eventually figure it out. Most forums and posts I had seen said you can't create a RAID 1 without reformatting and starting from scratch. Turns out not to be the case. It took a while to find out that I had 2 RAID controllers on my computer. And to figure out which one deals with the hard drives. Turns out the Intel one dealt with the hard drives. Forgot what the other one was. So then I found the Intel Rapid Storage Technology program and a guide for it. The guide wasn't totally clear but it looked like it could be done. Backed up my important data and popped in the new hard drive. Installed the software. Created a Raid with the software and chose the drives to go into the RAID. I don't recall the full details step by step but I just followed the prompts and it copied data from the original onto the new disk and I've had the RAID 1 ever since.

Hasn't worked as well as I had liked. Sometimes when putting the computer to sleep, the computer goes through the motions but never quite gets to sleep. It stays on in an unresponsive state with the monitor turned off. Have to do a hard reboot which risks corrupting data. Data is usually corrupted actually or at least inconsistent between the 2 drives in the RAID. Often run the verify utility to repair inconsistencies on the 2 volumes and it always finds errors.