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Re: SAMSUNG 256 gb SSD Firmware Update for Windows 7 TRIM?

Same question here.  My current firmware is a really old version VBM15D1Q although the drive was only purchased a couple months ago, guess I received old stock.  I'm using the drive in a XPS Studio 16 and need a flash utility that will recognize and update the drive installed in the laptop, and firmware that supports TRIM or at least some form of garbage collection. 

HDDErase won't work on the Dell laptop, so no way to restore performance that way.

Corsair has already released a beta version for the P256 but it will not recognize the Dell drive even though they are both identical Samsung PM800 units.  I suspect their updater looks for a specific Corsair hardware ID.  OCZ has a version also but they will only update if you ship the drive to them.  C'mon Dell...!



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