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DVD/CD ROM drive not reading DVD-RW; CDs and commercial DVDs fine

We have an Inspiron 530S (desktop) loaded with Windows Vista Home Basic (Service Pack 2). We have Roxio Creator 10.2 to burn CDs/DVDs, and we have used this to back up data files without any problem.  Recently, when we load a DVD-RW disc to read or a new disc to format, the drive does not recognize the disc.  The light that typically remains solid on the front of the tower when data is being read only blinks.  When we browse to the drive and select the DVD/CD ROM drive to expand or open it, we get "Please insert a disc".  When we try to open through Roxio, same thing:  "No disc".  Commercially recorded movies on DVD can be viewed, for the most part, and I've tried the disc to load my work printer successfully as well.  I've run diagnostics, and everything checks out.  I've updated firmware, but to no avail.  I would consider a new DVD/CD drive, except that some types of discs are working.  Also, in my device manager, when I right-click the DVD/CD drive and select properties, it lists the device as a CD ROM drive (no mention of DVD).  Is that pertinent?

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